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No, users are not allowed to install their own versions of phpMyAdmin. Instead, we offer this program through the Cpanel for you to use. PhpMyAdmin is at the bottom of the SQL section in the Cpanel.
Sure, simply submit a ticket to technical department by going to and request the desired perl module. Our professional technical team will then install the perl module on the server your site is being hosted, at no additional cos...
s or dir - list files cd dirname - change directory chmod XXX name - CHMOD a file or directory rm name - Remove file or empty folder rm -r name - Remove folder with files in it ./filename.cgi - debug CGI script
Path to Perl :: /usr/bin/perl Path to Sendmail :: /usr/sbin/sendmail Path to Date :: /bin/date Path to Python :: /usr/bin/python Path to my files :: /home/username/public_html/
Path to ImageMagick is /usr/X11R6/bin/